Sunday, May 13, 2007

Favorite piece

Out of the 3 doubled power pieces (Queen, Chancellor, and Archbishop), which one is your favorite piece, and why? My favorite is the Archbishop, because it can checkmate by itself.


ChessCarpenter said...

The ArchBishop is so versitile I wish I had 2! Who needs a Chancellor!!

blue oyster said...

I tend to find the Archbishop to be my favorite piece as well.

I just wish I could learn to force checkmate with ONLY a King and Archbishop left.

GothicChessInventor said...

Why don't you downlold the free Gothic Chess program at then practice positions against its databases?

There is an item under the Special menu entitled "Random 3-Piece Checkmate". If you select that, the program randomly generates some of the hardest 3-piece mates. Keep selecting it or hit cntrl-3 a few times until an Archbishop and King position shows up.

Play against the program, and if you can't get to the point of making progress, use the "Autoplay" feature to watch it checkmate the lone king.