Friday, May 11, 2007

position, mate in 2

I am going to give you a position where it is white to move, and mate in 2. I am going to give you the amount of pieces, and their coordinates, and you figure out the puzzle from there. The Key for each piece is WK- White King, WC- White Chancellor, BK- Black King, and BC- Black Chancellor.

WK-F5, WC-G6
BK- J8, BC- I7

Lets see who can figure it out. Good luck


LeanGurlSwimmer said...

1. Cg8+ Ci8 2. Ch7++ eeeeezzzzz

DuelingBishops said...

Yeah I have to say this was very simple and rather dull. Too easy.

Abdul-Rahman said...

In fact Cg8 can be answered by Cxg8 (besides, a move from g8-h7 is illegal.) The correct sequence is 1.Ch8+!! Ci8 2.Ch7 mate