Thursday, October 25, 2007

SMIRF 1.69b vs. Variant Pulverizer, 0-1 in 68 moves

Some of you may recall this program was originally named "Variant Shredder." Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, the author of the chess program named Shredder, contacted Ed Trice and the programmer of "Variant Shredder" and requested another name be selected for this Gothic Chess program. The new name is "Variant Pulverizer", a much more graphic depiction of destroying an opponent!

SMIRF vs. Pulverizer

As stated before, I asked the programmers to change their code before sending me their programs. That way, nothing can be "learned" about them prior to the Gothic Chess Computer World Championship. The purpose of the tests was to see if they can run on the hardware that they will each be playing on during the event.

Pulverizer was altered radically, and the play in this game shows some very anti-positional play (reverse developing pieces with moves such as 6...Ai8, unorthodox moves that you rarely see such as placing the Queen where a Bishop could take it with 16...Qb8 to precipitate an exchange of queens). In the end, Pulverizer lived up to his name, and won the game.


DuelingBishops said...

It seems like everything is turned upside down now!! Vortex, the best program for the longest time, now seems to be worst!! And SMIRF, a better program though not the best for a long time, is now in the middle. And these new programs, with no experience, are now the best?????

This has never happened in the programming world before, what is going on?????????

geography_teacher said...


Don't forget it was discovered that Vortex had a bug that made it play some very bad moves in the game with SMIRF on here. Now that it is fixed it can be a completely different player!

As for the other programs, it's anybody's guess how strong they are.

geography_teacher said...

I don't think anybody knows which program is best and which is worst anymore. Just watch the tournament and see who prevails.

Victor Vector said...

The new programs are impressive. Congrats to the newbies! And why don't you guys join us and post here? We'd love to have you.

Smirf said...

There is now a new engine DLL placed for download at the known Web-address. MS-169c should be used with a cache size adjusted to 256 MB. SMIRF still has no opening library. I hope to add some few moves during the coming days.