Thursday, October 25, 2007

SMIRF 1.69b vs. Tornado 1.0, 0-1 in 60 moves

This was an unusual game between an updated version of SMIRF and a Gothic Chess newcomer named Tornado. In speaking with the programmer of Tornado, he told me he named his program after the name of the horse owned by the legendary Spanish hero, Zorro.

SMIRF vs. Tornado

The purpose of these "warmup" games is to guarantee that the programs are able to run on the hardware being supplied for the Gothic Chess Computer World Championships. I encouraged the programmers to modify their evaluation functions to make them "weaker" than they are in reality, so that no information can be "data mined" before the start of the tournament. The Tornado programmer complied, and his changes made the program play some odd-looking moves. It was enough to overcome Germany's SMIRF program in this game. The link above will allow you to replay it one move at a time.


LeanGurlSwimmer said...

smirfy smirf, what happened :-(

I was cheering for ya from the sidelines!

Gimme an "S", gimme an "M"


What went wrong?

geography_teacher said...

I don't think you can judge a program by how it plays in just one game. Both programs shown here played some really strange moves. We will just have to wait and see what happens when the real event takes place.