Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blog was offline June 5 - June 26

It is very difficult to get "support" for these blogs. I know the blog was placed offline somehow, either by accident or by some "hack" of some sort. After 1 week of trying, I gave up, and was going to just make a new blog and try and copy the posts. Then, I decided to try with the Blogger support "ladder" again, and I talked and talked and talked, until finally, somebody said they received a "bunch of emails" saying we had "inappropriate content".

I do not see anything "inappropriate" on our blog, do you?

Anyway, our blog was "locked" for some weeks now, but as you can see, I finally won via many petitions, and we are back now.

They would not say who sent in the emails, probably some of the Gothic Chess "haters" who sense we are gradually taking over the chess world :)

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geography_teacher said...

I was wondering why I couldn't get into your blog for so long. Everything is OK now? Glad to see you are back online.