Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Perfect Chancellor's Vortex

If you go to this link you can replay a recent great game between Twirling_Fern and GothicInventor.

It was also Game 2580 on the live site, but errors with the interface caused quite a few problems for Black. Unable to move his queen as early as move 12, GothicInventor had to resort to mobilizing as many pieces as possible towards the opposing king in order to create attacking chances.

The result: a game winning Chancellor's Vortex that is well worth replaying. Enjoy!


Victor Vector said...

That was one helluva combination! So what happens if he doesn't play RxN there at the end? You have to retreat your Archbishop, right? Maybe it was good luck to have the site screwup so bad. If not, you wouldn't have won with this amazing tactic at the end. Nice one!

geography_teacher said...

I'd never have seen that in a million years!! Amazing!

DuelingBishops said...

Good to see some activity here again after a lapse this winter. Interesting game posted. I would play very differently but it's hard to argue against the end result. Nice game.

When do you guys sign on to the site? And is this bug fixed?

The Fitz Man said...

So how come we don't see more of these types of Chancellor's Vortex things in real play? I know you say they are a theme but do they ever really come up?

GothicChessInventor said...

Fitz man: There are many different kinds of themes in Gothic Chess, and it's not "one size fits all." There were some interesting posts in the Discussion Board about a few of these themes recently.

Look at this thread:

Mating Patterns one example.