Friday, September 14, 2007

Games from the BrainKing Archive

Many games from the BrainKing Archive are now up.

Here is the collection of SMIRF games, recently completed:

My 164 games are here:

The 83 games of Rob Colanzi, aka "ChessCarpenter", the 2nd highest rated player on the site, are here:

Other players' games are not 100% loaded yet, but you can see the ones that are here:

One of my favorite:

But Andreas Kaufman gets revenge on me in the next game:



geography_teacher said...

These games are too incredible! You guys really know how to play this Gothic Chess game!

How did you get so good at this?

DuelingBishops said...

Yes I was amazed at some of the play as well. I had to go back 2, 3 times replaying moves and taking them back to finally see what was going on in there. Excellent play.

Victor Vector said...

Who designed those pieces in the replay viewer?

Victor Vector said...

I went over more of these games today, very cool.

GothicChessInventor said...

The pieces in the replay viewer came from some artist I hired in 2004 for a project that was never completed either. I was not 100% happy with them but they serve the basic purpose well enough.

DuelingBishops said...

So are there any plans to expand the game archive?